Cofounder and Managing Partner

Jason Myhre: Fundamentals of Faith-Based Investing

In this session, Jason Myhre, Co-Founder and Principal of Boston Based Eventide Funds, will discuss the biblical rationale for faith-based investing: how it’s practiced, how it benefits clients and advisors, and how to take your first steps in developing a thoughtful approach to aligning your client’s deeply held values and principles with their investment portfolios.

About Jason Myhre

Jason Myhre is a Cofounder and Managing Partner of Eventide, a Boston-based mutual fund company practicing “investing that makes the world rejoice.”® Founded in 2008, Eventide’s mission is to serve individuals, financial advisors, and institutions by providing high-performance investments that create compelling value for the global common good. Eventide manages more than $3.8B across five mutual funds.