Chief Academic and Operating Officer
Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning at Indiana Wesleyan University

Dr. Larry Lindsay, Dr. Phil Gelatt, Beth White: Developing Church Leaders as Caring and Competent Financial Coaches

Far too many Christians cannot find a caring and trusted advisor who shares their faith and values. Learning to be wise with money is one of the most important things we can do for our spiritual well-being. Making biblically wise financial decisions is a reflection of our relationship with God. This session will show how the Ron Blue Institute at Indiana Wesleyan University is integrating biblical financial principles to help pastors and lay leaders serve as financial coaches, helping church members learn to make biblically wise financial decisions reflecting their individual values and faith. The focusing questions for the pastor and lay leader financial coach training are:

1. How can Christians be wise with money?

2. How can pastors and lay leaders model and teach personal finance to church members?

3. How can pastors & lay leaders advance biblical financial stewardship to the church & community?

About Dr. Larry Lindsay

Dr. Larry Lindsay serves as the Chief Academic and Operating Officer for the Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning at Indiana Wesleyan University. He previously served as Interim Provost and Chief Academic Officer and Chief of Staff for the Office of the President at Indiana Wesleyan University. Larry was the Founding Dean for the School of Health Sciences and the Founding Chairman of the Doctoral Program in Organizational Leadership at the University. He has served as a professor of leadership in the School Leadership, MBA, and Doctor of Organizational Leadership programs. He was the Director of Graduate Studies in Education from 1995-1998, facilitating the instructional design of the Master in Education in Curricular and Instructional Leadership. He also led the development of and chaired the School Leadership Program – Principal Licensure Preparation from 1998 through 2003.