September 25, 2018

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What is Rethinking Wealth?

This meeting is designed for a variety of professional advisors including financial planners, investment advisors, insurance agents, accountants & tax advisors, estate planning & elder law attorneys, trust officers, or anyone providing personal financial advice. Come listen, learn, and discuss how to transform your vocation from one driven by numbers into a passion filled vocation where you live out biblical values in your business.

Who We Are

Rethinking Wealth is a grass-roots, non-profit movement organized by volunteers in financial services and not-for-profit organizations located in central Indiana. Our purpose is to promote transformation of thought among the entire central Indiana advice-giving financial services community, from investments to planning, legal, accounting, and insurance services, as well as the local churches for the purpose of promoting wise stewardship and joyful generosity.

Join Us in Transforming a City

What happens when Christian financial professionals join together to learn from and encourage one another in areas of faith, biblical values, and professional practice? What could happen if thousands of their clients were inspired to be more intentional about living out biblical values in their finances, families, and communities? Join us to find out!


Survey Results

Respondents agreed that the RW5 program caused them to rethink how they personally view wealth.

Said the program cause them to rethink how they will interact with clients, prospects, congregation.

"Very good information to help reshape the role of a financial advisor."

"The program was very insightful and a great opportunity to learn how to blend faith in to profession."

"Should not only help with clients, but with my wife and kids. Always start with why."

"My spirit resonated with many truths spoken today."

Attendees are now more likely to incorporate Biblical wisdom into their counsel.

Overall, Respondents believed the conference was a good value for the cost.

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