Instructor, Lecturer, Advisor


The HealthSouth Fraud – Lessons of Ethical Malpractice

Most speakers share what they’ve done right in order to inspire and motivate. Weston Smith will share the many decisions he made in life – the good and the bad- with accountability, humility and humor, with the determination of encouraging others to simply practice ethical leadership in all walks of life. Once the CFO of the Fortune 500 company that became a Wall Street darling, that within a dozen years of inception grew from one location to over two thousand in all fifty states and five countries, Weston will, with amazing transparency, reveal how underneath the glimmering corporate office, the fleet of corporate jets, and “consistent” earnings reports, laid a multi-year multi-billion dollar financial statement fraud. Ultimately, Weston voluntarily came forward and exposed the fraud, and accepted responsibility for his former actions. Today his life is dedicated to making his story a life lesson from which all may learn.

About Weston Smith

Weston Smith is an instructor, lecturer, and advisor with an emphasis on the promotion of ethical conduct and fraud prevention. He began his career as a CPA with EY, specializing in audit and healthcare consulting. From there, his life took a twist. He was hired by Healthsouth Corporation during it’s infancy, and ultimately became CFO of the company with over 2,000 locations in all 50 states and five countries. However, underneath the persona of success, he was a participant in a financial statement fraud that ran for over 15 years, with an earnings overstatement of nearly Three Billion dollars. Weston eventually voluntarily exposed the fraud, and accepted the consequences of his former actions.

Over the past decade, Mr. Smith has spoken worldwide for universities, professional groups and corporations, and has been published in Issues in Accounting Education. He’s also appeared on CNBC, Fox Business and other media outlets.