Survey Results

Respondents agreed that the RW5 program caused them to rethink how they personally view wealth.

Said the program cause them to rethink how they will interact with clients, prospects, congregation.

"Very good information to help reshape the role of a financial advisor."

"The program was very insightful and a great opportunity to learn how to blend faith in to profession."

"Should not only help with clients, but with my wife and kids. Always start with why."

"My spirit resonated with many truths spoken today."

Attendees are now more likely to incorporate Biblical wisdom into their counsel.

Overall, Respondents believed the conference was a good value for the cost.

Rethinking Wealth Five (2017)

(Content Available in 2018)

Chip Ingram

As a pastor, author, coach and teacher for more than twenty-five years, Chip Ingram’s passion is helping Christians really live like Christians.

The title of his talk is Rethinking Your Role As A Kingdom Advisor.

He’ll delve into the subjects of whole-life stewardship, priorities and Kingdom impact. He will also share themes from The Real God, his most recent book release which focuses on the importance of us all seeing God for who He really is.

James D. Wise

CFP®, CAP, ChFC, CLU, Managing Director, Ronald Blue & Co.

Inheritolatry: The Final Obstacle to Completing The Great Commission

There is an unprecedented transfer of wealth that will occur during our lifetime and a large portion of these resources are held by evangelical Christians. There are four key biblical principles that address inheritance and wealth transfer, and the typical Christian’s estate plan violates one, several or all of these principles. During this session we’ll learn together how to encourage our clients to allocate a more significant portion of these excess resources to charitable giving, both during lifetime and at death. We’ll discuss together the potential consequences of Christian financial professionals failing to incorporate these biblical inheritance principles as well as the benefits of having this type of heart-level discussion with our clients.

Karen Guess

Content Specialist, Kingdom Advisors and Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning

Money Without Numbers

When your client is overwhelmed or confused by entering the money conversation, what do you do? Karen Guess will share a few paradigms and tools from the new book, “Never Enough?: Three Keys to Financial Contentment” that can help you bridge the gap. By beginning a conversation talking about “money without numbers,” you can diffuse tension and open the door to more meaningful, productive client interactions.

Dr. Justin Henegar

CFP®, ChFC®, CRPC®, Executive Director of Research and Scholarship, Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning

Building a Christian Financial Planning Industry: An Academic Perspective

Over the past two years, the Ron Blue Institute has taken the mission to “Change the way Christians Think, Act, and Communicate about Money and Money Management.”  This mission starts with building the Christian Financial Planning industry within the academic environment.  During this session, we will cover an overview as to the various products, services, and research that has laid the foundation upon which we can continue to drive this subset of the financial services industry.

Pam Pugh

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, Women Doing Well

5 Things Your Women Clients Wish You Knew

In increasing numbers, women are creating, controlling and influencing an enormous amount of wealth, however, the majority of women investors indicate a gap between their expectations and what’s been delivered in the financial services industry.   Give your practice new insights that will deepen client relationships and strengthen your relevancy with this important demographic.

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