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Vocation as Ministry: Ideas for Creating Client and Team Building Ministry Opportunities

The difference between a Christian financial advisor, and a financial advisor who is a Christian, is that the financial advisor who is a Christian may see their job as a means to an end (ministry), whereas to the Christian financial advisor, the vocation is the end (the ministry). In this session, two advisors will share their ideas on how they created two different, successful client events and one missions experience for fellow employees, deepening relationships while Christ Jesus.

About David Weir

David Weir has been a financial advisor with VALIC for the past 15 years.  The past 5 years, he has been involved in Kingdom Advisors and Rethinking Wealth, learning how to integrate his faith and the financial advice that he gives his clients.  Passionate about missions and economic development, David is also working on ways to lead clients in to getting personally involved into missions.  Graduate of Taylor University and currently lives in Westfield.