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Topic: Stop Writing Checks to Charity 

This session will be filled with practical examples and methods that you could incorporate into the ways you give personally, and the ways you help your clients give.  Consider the implications of this statement; Financial Advisors have greater potential than any other person in the life of an individual to influence how much the individual gives to charity and importantly how the individual gives to charity.   It is counter-intuitive that it would be in the client’s best interest financially for them to give more to charity.   You may be amazed how good it could be for your clients and how good it could be for your business if you were to help your clients discover ways they could confidently give more during life and through their estate plan. 

About Brent Dunn

Brent had a unique career opportunity to collaborate with sophisticated financial planners, estate planning attorneys and other professionals while working at Renaissance from 1990-2002.  Renaissance specializes in CRTS, CLTs, and other charitable tools.  Since 2002 Brent has helped individual clients and their advisor teams integrate the tools, techniques and disciplines of financial planning, estate planning, and charitable planning.   While very few clients ask for help finding ways to give more, the integrated approach to planning reveals incredible opportunities for clients to confidently give far more to charity.